Cosmetics & Trading | Survival Update

Hello Anubis Players!

Our Ruined Survival Server has a great NEW update that includes many exciting things. We have a new crate coming to Survival named Cosmetic Crate! We are also bringing Nitro Rewards and Player Trading to enhance your survival experience.

Along with this update, we will be introducing a 50% OFF SALE on our Store for 3 DAYS!!!


We decided that we needed to make a feature that you players would enjoy so we have added 28 Tags into our Survival Server that can be won in the Cosmetic crate or bought at our store. Below are pictures of all the tags:


These NEW pets can follow you around wherever you go. This Revamped feature is now better than ever! You can get these pets from the NEW Cosmetic Crate and at our store too! These make a great companion to share your adventure with. Each pet has its own look as shown below.

To get to this menu you would type /pets

This is the Elephant Pet


We have are bringing a wide selection of Cosmetics to Survival. There is Block trails, rains and particle trails. These are also all included in the Cosmetic crate.

To get to this menu you would type /trails

This is an example of one of our many trails!

This is another of our many trails.


We have also decided ,to make your survival adventure more enjoyable, to add Player Trading this allows you to just type /trade. This then gives you a menu where you can start trading! With this we are also adding the /withdraw command.

This is what trading looks like


As you may have seen mentioned above we are adding a NEW create. The Cosmetic Create Keys will be purchasable at our store.
The crate will contain:

Pets (selection of 21 you could possibly get)
Tags  (selection of 28 you could possibly get)
Trails  (Rains, Block Trails and Particle Trails)

Picture of the Crate with others too!


Finally, We are adding Nitro Reward to thank all the people who boost our Discord server. This will include a Kit, Tag and more.  

This is what the kit will look like when you get it.

JANUARY 01/14/21-01/21/21 CHANGELOG


• Spawner crate works - Shop now doesn't double display `$` sign - Artisan kit is now fixed

• /ah now works and /ah sell

•  Pvp warp changed

• KoTH area changed and rewards

•  Envoy crates updated to fix spawners - Removed the Christmas envoy

• /ranks has been updated to match the perms of the web store

• Default players can now do /envoy ignore (mutes envoy collecting messages)


•  You can now no longer spam claim the Champion Scavenger hunt rewards

JANUARY 01/14/21-01/21/21 STAFF CHANGES

• Robin132231: Promoted to Sr.Admin
• Pezy: Promoted to Admin  
• Emil: Promoted to Admin
• Yip01: Promoted to Sr.Mod
• unSTable1156: Promoted to Helper


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