Hey there Travellers! Our survival realm is about to have its 1-year anniversary, and along this year we have seen you getting rich and powerful. Now it is time you show us what you are built of.


We have introduced a new world called Oasis. We’ve removed the PVP and Valley of Kings World, and we are bringing you both PVP and PVE to Oasis, with stronger mobs with very interesting loot and a grand place to PVP with the rest of the players. Check /oasis for more information!


Envoy has been moved to Oasis Spawn, and it is better than ever, as well as harder. A total of 102 crates will spawn around Oasis Spawn, making it harder to find with all the hills and oceans! KOTH was moved to a nearby structure from /warp oasis for you to PVP and try to stay in the platform and get the loot!


We have seen you make friends and cities along this year, that is why we are bringing Lands, one of the best ways to claim land and share it with friends! You can create a land with /lands create, give it a cool name, and invite your friends over, give them roles and areas for them to build. You can expand your land with /lands claim and make it huge, and when you feel strong enough, you can declare war to any land!


We have reintroduced skills, and they are better than ever! You can learn 15 new skills and level them up to get special abilities, which will help you in your adventures! All players have access to all skills and can level them up to level 100! Use /skill or /sk to check your skills progress!

Along with skills, our Donators will be getting the next XP boosters:

  • Artisan – 1.15x
  • Scribe – 1.25x
  • Official – 1.35x
  • Noble – 1.5x
  • Vizer – 1.75x
  • Pharaoh – 2.0x


  • Updated /sevents, /newbie, /commands, /biome menus and removed other outdated menus.
  • Added the Armor Sets NPC in /warp oasis.

04/04/21 – 04/24/21 CHANGELOG:


  • Blocked wild Pokemon and NPCs from spawning in spawn
  • Removed trade messages to get rid of trade spam.


  • Fixed Money and EXP Pouches
  • Given permission to do /xpbottle to all players
  • Voting rewards have been buffed
  • Updated the Automessages in chat
  • Updated /vote so that links are easier to click
  • Fixed a Spelling mistake in /rperks
  • Fixed ArmorSets (Dragon, Aquatic and Assassin)
  • Fixed ArmorSets Weapons
  • Added the permission for flight in Resource World and Oasis

04/04/21- 4/24/21 STAFF CHANGES:

  • LeCookie: Hired for Helper
  • evalynch916: Promoted to Senior Mod
  • st8farmjake:  Promoted to Admin
  • Yip01: Promoted to Admin
  • The_Wiz_Pikachu: Hired for Helper
  • Oaliverpool: Returned from Leave
  • DemonicLies: Promoted to Mod
  • Kiddzy: Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • endercraft369: Promoted to Mod
  • LeCookie: Promoted to Mod
  • Kiddzy: Resigned
  • Fudge: Resigned
  • OmegaGoBrrrr: Promoted to Sr.Admin
  • Pia: Promoted to Sr.Admin
  • ThunderDog: Promoted to Sr.Admin


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