Team Magma and Aqua | Pixelmon Update

Greeting Trainers,

Team Aqua and Team Magma are here on Anubis! The following update will consist of: MAGMA AND AQUA STORYLINE WITH GYMS AND HQs, Elite Four changes, NEW Famous Sidebosses around spawn and much more!

With this update we will be having a 40% OFF SALE for 4 days


We have added new a new storyline for you guys to challenge for amazing rewards. After beating the Elite Four NPC gyms, you have the option to start the storyline!. To access this command type /gyms and select the magnet. Each base has 5 trainers you have to fight, and at the end of the gyms there is the Admins of each team. Upon beating all 3 bases, you can now challenge the Magma and Aqua HQs for even better rewards. Good luck, you will need it.


With this new storyline, we have now allowed people to be able to use Legendary Pokémon in the NPC elite four to make it slightly easier! Test your might against these trainers after beating the dragon gym. All the levels and teams are all the same as they previously was.


As you may have noticed, we now have multiple new NPCs around the spawn that you can fight daily for great rewards. These are renowned people you may recognized, such as Red, Cynthia, Lance and more! Upon defeating these trainers, you will be rewarded with 10,000 PokeDollars and something special which differs depending on the trainer.

We also have allowed Legendary Pokemon to be used against the main Elite 4 in the overworld, as well as being used against the Aqua and Magma gyms+E4. This now gives Legendary pokemon a purpose again in game!

02/24/21 – 03/03/21 CHANGELOG


- Switched out Shulker in the Minecraft Misc shop with book

- Modified Prices in Rocket Raidboss to correlate well with new token prices

- Updated /kitsmenu to display Nitro kit changes

- Added Silicon to the Pixelmon Ore shop

- Added Healers to Rocket Raidboss

- Added Glowstone and Quartz to the Minecraft Ores shop

- Added Milk Bucket to the Minecraft Misc shop

- Updated /updates to not show enchantments

- Changed “Stones” to “Evolutionary Items” on shop

- Added /pixelmonopen, /championsleague and /monotype which display rules in tournaments for players that do not have access to discord.

- Ghost type bosses now drop loot

- Rayquaza can now naturally spawn

- Players now have access to /checkspawns

- Added Lava bucket & Water bucket to Mc Misc shop

- Reduced Price of Tokens on Vote Shop currency

- Added a 20 minute /fly function on Vote Shop

- Fixed a minor grammar error in the T2 Boss Crates

- All players now have access to use /trash

- Updated Player Council tag

- /builder & /pheal are now short commands for /pokebuilder & /pokeheal

- Readded colours to /lastshiny, /lastultrabeast, /lastlegend

02/24/21-03/03/21 STAFF CHANGES

14PiaR09 - Promoted to Jr.Admin

CibusVenatus – Promoted to Jr.Admin

TrainerBrain – Promoted to Senior Mod

RanchBottle – Promoted to Manager

Pezy – Promoted to Manager

Evalynch916 – Promoted to Mod

SquidBlockz – Promoted to Senior Mod

14PiaR09 – Promoted to Admin

John_Fries – Promoted to Jr.Admin

Endercraft369 – Promoted to Helper

OmegaGoBrrrr – Promoted to Admin



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