Hey Trainers,

Quality of Life, a brand new update waiting for you! The following update will consist of: POKEBUILDER IS BACK!, New Rank Commands, Reworked Shop, Raidboss Rework, Nitro kit buff, Battle Tower Rewards and New Move Tutors!

With this update we will be having a 30% OFF SALE!


With our new and improved pokebuilder we have now simplified it, to make it much easier to use!

With the new pokebuilder pokemon selection you can now change the attributes of your pokemon in your party as well as your PC!

Once you have selected your specific pokemon you would like to edit, it will bring you to this menu where you can change the attributes of the selected pokemon.

Pokebuilder - Attributes:
• Shiny - Edit your pokemon to make it shiny or not
• Level - Adds on a certain amount of levels 1, 5 or 10
• IVs - Increase or Decrease a certain amount of IV's
• EVs - Increase or Decrease a certain amount of EV's
• Gender - Changes the gender of your pokemon to MALE or FEMALE
• Nature - Changes the nature type of your pokemon
• Growth - Changes the size of your pokemon
• Ball - Changes the ball type that your pokemon is in
• BreedLock - Locks the chosen pokemon so it is not breedable
• Ability - Changes the ability of the pokemon (excluding hidden abilities)

Token Converter:

With bringing out the new reworked Pokebuilder we have also introduced a new type of currency which can specifically be used for the Pokebuilder!
The new currency is called Pokebuilder tokens, you can convert your old tokens to the new Pokebuilder tokens and back to the old tokens, by using /convert.

Pokebuilder Tokens > Tokens Tokens > Pokebuilder Tokens


We have listened to all the trainers! We have updated the shop and have added a lot more items that you all have suggested!

These are all the new updated and highly requested items that we have added!

With all these new items now added to the store you guys have much more of a various selection to buy from.
We have also changed the berry/ore shop where you can sell your berries/ores for much a higher price then before.


This is a major factor for all the competitive trainers out there! We have added move trainers for each specific type which we will be adding much more moves soon!

You can visit the new move tutor area by using /warp tutor or by using the elevator in the middle of the masterball at spawn!


We have decided to change the raidboss once again! We have been taking in all your opinions and decided to reduce the prices of the raidbosses, And we have enabled TIER 5 and TIER 6 raidbosses to be spawned any day of the week and the cooldown has dropped down to 20 hours instead of having it as 24 hours.

• Tier 1) 100 tokens.
• Tier 2) 250 tokens.
• Tier 3) 500 tokens.
• Tier 4) 1000 tokens.
• Tier 5) 1500 tokens.
• Tier 6) 2500 tokens.

• Tier 1) 50 tokens.
• Tier 2) 200 tokens.
• Tier 3) 400 tokens.
• Tier 4) 600 tokens.
• Tier 5) 800 tokens.
• Tier 6) 1000 tokens.


The battle tower BETA payouts has been increased by 1.5x, We have also added healers to each floor.

• Floors 1-3 you now receive 15 betas per trainer!
• Floors 4-5 you now receive 30 betas per trainer!


We have taken your suggestions and have decided to add 2 brand NEW commands to our pixelmon ranks! If you have purchased TIER 1+, you now have access to:

/nv - which toggles Night Vision!

If you have purchased TIER 2+, you now have access to:

/craft - have access to a portable crafting table!

we have also significantly buffed our NITRO kit to thank you for supporting our server!

FEBRUARY 02/15/21-02/24/21 CHANGELOG

- Fixed an issue with the Rocket NPC forcing battles to end
- Fixed an issue for /hiddenpower
- Added /nv (Night Vision) to Tier 1+ Ranks
- Lowered Raidboss Token Price - Updated /ranks to display /nv - Buffed Beta payout by 1.5x
- Added Healers into Battle Tower
- Decreased cooldown on Raid bosses to 20 hours (was 24)
- Buffed /kit nitroweekly and /kit nitromonthly
- Nitro rank now inherits from Tier 2 ranks
- Tier 5 and Tier 6 Raidbosses are now able to be spawned everyday
- Missing Galarian TMs have now been added to the shop
- Added more blocks into /shop!
- Added /craft to Ace & Knight ranks+

- Clear-lag no longer removes minecarts
- /repair cooldown reduced to 2 hours.
- Mobs no longer combat tag players
- PvP in resource world is now disabled
- Certain messages in /shop fixed

FEBRUARY 02/15/21-02/24/21 STAFF CHANGES

Mr_Villager_King - Promoted to Sr. Mod
bluemoon - Promoted to Helper
John_Fries - Promoted to Mod
destrocktor2 - Promoted to Helper
Diglett_Dude - Promoted to Mod
Naphan - Promoted to Senior Mod
Tewwa_Tempy - Promoted to Senior Mod


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